Miniature pigs make ideal pets : (easier to house train than a dog)

Mini pigs are extremely smart,  (6 times smarter than a dog) , have the cognitive abilities of a 3 year old child, and are the 3rd smartest animal on the planet!   They don’t smell, contrary to what people believe, and they are overall very clean animals.  Typically, they have no problem getting along with other animals that you have; such as dogs, cats, or other farm animals.   Just give them time to adjust to one another and they will soon be lifelong friends.  Mini pigs can be great companions with children as well!  They are an overall great family pet!  While mini pigs are amazing in so many ways, they are a huge commitment and should be taken very seriously, they can live up to 15 years.

3000 baht per pig or 5000 for a pair

Can be seen with mother..

Inquiries phone Lek  0860593028

Can be viewed at Leks Horse Ranch Udon (by appointment only)